Silk Road @ the Enchanted Evenings

Aug 16,2013 7:00pm
Enchanted Evenings at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden
578 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC  V6B 5K2
Tickets: $25 / $20
Tel: 604-662-3207 Ext.211

The Ancient Road Turns Into A Freeway!

Qiu Xia He on pipa and vocal
Andre Thibault on guitar, oud, flute and vocal
Liam Macdonald on world percussion.
Guest: Ron Hadley on piano.

Silk Road Music 
A Vancouver award winning ensemble who introduces different cultures through their experience and travels. With inspiration, and passion, expressing unique views on traditional music, uniting East and West, they deliver virtuosity and imagination.  

Silk Road Music incorporates improvisation in their performances. The Chinese Garden is always a place to push the boundaries and introduce new ideas. For the 20th Enchanted Evenings, pianist Ron Hadley is our special guest who is a brilliant, creative and versatile improviser. His sensibility for oriental music and modern approach to harmony is exhilarating! The ancient road will merge on to a freeway and explore the power, the impact, and the horizon of a modern turnpike!

“Chinese traditional instrumental sounds with contemporary global soundscapes on a national and international level. If there were a single word to describe Silk Road’s approach to musical performance it would have to be play.” Allison sokil. Alberta University

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