Thread 线 的音乐会 Concert

Thread 线 Concert

Janna Sailor:Conductor 指挥
Qiu Xia He 何秋霞: Pipa 琵琶
André Thibault:Guitar and Oud 吉他和路特
Zhimin Yu 于志敏: Ruan 阮
Yun Song 宋云: Erhu 二胡
Jill Russell: Flute 长笛
Willy Miles: vocal 歌唱
Feng Jun Wang 王凤君: vocal 歌唱
Liam MacDonald: percussion 打击乐
Laurence Mollerup: Bass 贝司
Wen Wei Wang 王文蔚: Dance 舞蹈
The Undeclared Majors UBC singers 歌唱
Intercultural Orchestra performers 温哥华多元文化交响乐团:
Violin 小提琴, Viola 中提琴, Cello 大提琴, Oboe 双簧管, Clarinet 单簧管, French horn 法国号 , Harp 竖琴.

Festival d’été francophone de Vancouver

June 23,24,25.
Le Centre culturel Francophone de Vancouver
Huu Bac Quintet & JouTou Artists Residency
Free to Public
Thur,June 23 – Radio-Canada Stage – 700 Hamilton St, Vancouver – 4 p.m.
Fri, June 24 – Canada Place – Vancouver – 3.15 p.m.
Sat, June 25 – Civic Plaza – 141, West 14th St, North Vancouver – 1 p.m.June 18 1:30pm
Tel: 604.736.9806

Huu Bac Quintet Photo By Noelle-Garnier

Huu Bac Quintet Photo By Noelle-Garnier

Silk Road Duo Photo by Ian Moar

Silk Road Duo Photo by Ian Moar

Since 2010, each year the Festival d’été francophone de Vancouver has hosted an artist-in-residence project that brings together two groups of musicians, one from Quebec, the other from British Columbia. Together, they create new arrangements and even completely new works, based on the creative encounter of their individual repertoires. This two-day artistic residence is followed by a series of free public concerts. For this 27th edition, the Festival d’été francophone de Vancouver is presenting a unique encounter in world music with two groups that explore connections between several musical origins, in particular from Asian countries. This year, we are very pleased to twin the very talented Huu Bac Quintet, based in Montreal, and the JouTou ensemble, who have chosen British Columbia as their home base. The artistic residence will take place on June 21 and 22, and three free world-premiere performances will follow on June 23, 24 and 25.

Silk Road Four

Silk Road Four
Sound of Dragon Music Festival
April 22-24. 2016 at the Roundhouse

Qiu Xia He weaving the 2000 year old Chinese Pipa into the magic carpet of music, while Andre Thibault is plucking the Spanish guitar and oud, Liam MacDonald striking the Brazilian tambourine and Ron Hadley pounding the Jazz piano, this concert sparks and boils like music is supposed to: Live!

What we found in Jerez?

Flamenco Study

photo 2

Flamenco studies

Casa Rosaleda Jerez
Here are the core facts:
1. Each suite is well equipped like a home,and clean.
2.Situated In the Historical Santiago barrio.
3. 1 mint walk from The Centro Cultural of Andalucia where you get updated events,films and research archives.
4. 15 mints walk to the public market. Fantastic selection of fish and produce.
5. 1 mints walk to one of the best guitar player/teacher in Jerez. Jesus Alvarez Lopez.
6. 6 mints walk from the Maria del Mar Moreno flamenco school where you can dance like the Jerezanos.
7. 5 mints walk to Pena Tio de Paula to hear the best of Jerez. and it’s free.
8. 15 mints walk to Flamenco bars like the Tabanco and El Guitarron.
9. 20 mints walk to Maria Bermudez’s Flamenco. Dance where you can be thought in both English and Spanish by an international pro.
10. There are plenty of bars, cafes around where you can get your fix for a few euros or so.